Procurement Excellence & Digital Sourcing

Transform your procurement organization into world-class and utilize AI to implement rapid cash release solutions and long-term growth strategies.

Do you have a Smart Procurement Organization that is strategically driving the business forward?

World class procurement teams are trusted advisors to the business, going beyond supplier cost reduction; they are strategic guides to the business.  They drive innovation, manage the risks, propel quality, and lead company-wide economic recovery plans; in addition to cutting costs.

Helping you achieve world class and become a Procurement Next-Generation Organization, Our Approach:


We will begin by analyzing the maturity of your procurement function


We will identify gaps in each of the major procurement organization tenants

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We will deliver the roadmap to achieve procurement excellence and inject the digital technology to accelerate the sourcing process and drive innovation.


We will work with your team to transform the organization, and its people, to release cash at speed, reduce cost, accelerate growth, track benefits, and achieve sustained financial and operating improvement.

Becoming a smart procurement organization: Digital Sourcing

Proudfoot and Scoutbee have partnered to bring you the only solution in the market that combines accelerated supplier sourcing and the implementation of world-class procurement solutions.

With our joint solution, you will immediately impact the first tenant of your procurement maturity plan, as identified by the world-class maturity assessment. Through our joint digital sourcing approach, we accelerate your path to Smart Procurement Maturity:

Smart Procurement Maturity

procurement,digital sourcing,digital solutions for procurement

World-class procurement typical results:

0 %

Average supplier contract cost savings

0 %

Average spend reduction per category

0 %

Procurement office capacity release

0 X

More suppliers screened

5 %

Total procurement costs reduction

Listen and learn from the Procurement Leaders, featuring Proudfoot’s insights to end -to-end Procurement transformations.

procurement,digital sourcing,digital solutions for procurement
Procurement Excellence & Digital Sourcing - Listen

Case study

Faced with declining production volume and growing competition, a leading German tier-1 automotive supplier needed to protect the operating margins at one of their key plants. Under pressure to improve results quickly, they engaged Proudfoot for a rapid assessment of their entire operation. Proudfoot not only revealed a path to dramatic gains in operational effectiveness but also significant cost savings in procurement of direct production material.

procurement,digital sourcing,digital solutions for procurement
Procurement Excellence & Digital Sourcing - Case Study Discover Evaluate


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