Proudfoot helps electricity companies optimize operations, decarbonize, innovate, and remain profitable in a changing market.

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The global energy market is facing a period of unprecedented volatility. Dramatic increases in the price of wholesale electricity mean that energy suppliers face major transformation and cost reduction if they are to remain profitable and survive.

At the same time, we are seeing a huge increase in electrification as personal and commercial vehicles and heating systems increasingly turn away from fossil fuels.

All this means that electricity companies (be they in generation, transmission, distribution, or supply) are under pressure to innovate, decarbonize, and develop new business models and technologies, all of which require major resources and significant investment.

Proudfoot has the know-how and the people to help electricity companies optimize and transform their operations to adapt to the changing market, all while managing cost and enhancing profitability.

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Featured successes for electricity clients

0 %

Reduction in sub-contractor costs

20 %

Increase in productivity

8 %

Improvement in capital employed

20 %

Reduction in downtime

5 %

Reduction in energy costs

20 %

Reduction in maintenance costs

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