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Proudfoot offers you the opportunity to work with the world’s top companies and to make a real, tangible and measurable difference to their performance, as you create an exciting and rewarding operational consulting career yourself.

Life at Proudfoot

Our consultants are the rare individuals comfortable in both a suit and a hard hat. At Proudfoot, we spend our time working alongside people, from top executives to front line supervisors, wherever our clients’ work gets done – whether that is a mine site in Mongolia or a bank in London.

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What if you could find a role that is more than just a job. One in which you can make a difference every day to the teams and companies you work with? With Proudfoot, you can. Learn more about our recruitment process, find your perfect role or submit your CV to Proudfoot HR.









Delivering Excellence

We consistently deliver the highest quality and value by setting and successfully achieving deadlines and strategic objectives.


We are passionate about creating phenomenal experiences for all people in each interaction. ~We value each of unique experiences and how they empower the participants. We learn from all to build for all.


We inspire continual learning and constant personal and professional growth, acquire new skills and knowledge from people development programs and experiences, and build a knowledge-sharing culture with our stakeholders.


We embrace and support thoughtful, creative, inspirational ideas that make a difference encouraging an environment that promotes diversity, inclusion, improvement, and change.


We quickly adapt to the environment and client needs by collaborating as a team to find opportunities within challenges.


We uphold the highest standards of honesty and trust-worthiness, are committed to creating transparency in our business dealings, and committed to ensuring the practice of treating others how we would like to be treated.

Results Oriented

We are passionate about driving, facilitating, and delivering sustainable and measurable success for our clients, and to achieving and exceeding our strategic business objectives.

Socially Responsible & Inclusive

We are conscious of how our actions and decisions impact the communities where we work and live, so we include and support all our stakeholders to give back and help to improve their communities.

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