About Proudfoot

Delivering accelerated and sustainable operational transformation

Proudfoot works with leaders and their teams at all levels to design, implement and accelerate change.  We focus on processes, results and people and deliver the company of the future.

Our Mission: To help our clients accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable operations

Founded in 1946, we are a global strategy consultancy that delivers lasting operational performance improvement.

We work with leaders and their teams at every level to design, implement and accelerate change that improves business performance. We focus on results through process changes and people to deliver the company of the future.

At Proudfoot, we partner with you to achieve lasting and sustainable transformation.

Proudfoot is the global expert in business and operations improvement

We accelerate your results. Together you get there faster. We ensure all engagements achieve a positive ROI

We deliver lasting change. Importantly, we build your people’s capability so they can move forward without us

Leadership & People

Chief Executive Officer

I am passionate about helping our clients accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable operations while inspiring and empowering people to exceed their goals.


What gets me up in the morning is my desire to build better businesses that can have a real and positive impact on the world.

Chief Commercial Officer

I’m passionate about reinventing management consulting to deliver more certainty and greater value for our clients.

Market Leader US

What I find fulfilling is working with my Proudfoot and client colleagues from various professional backgrounds and cultures to improve not just business performance, but also learn, grow, and develop new capabilities as people.

Market Leader UK

I get a real kick from partnering with clients to solve complex business challenges together, and from working with engaged and passionate people and delivering exceptional results that stick.

Market Leader France

I get a real buzz from designing, developing and implementing next generation Target Operating Models that create significant value for my clients.

Market Leader Germany

My focus is on working closely with clients in Germany to drive behavior change which delivers sustainable and quantifiable outcomes.

Market Leader Canada

I love helping my clients become more effective and do more with less by building the capability of their team.

Head of Solution Design & Value Realization

My passion is at the core of Proudfoot’s DNA: engaging with our clients’ people to drive positive change that sticks, allowing clients to realize their strategic ambitions.

Head of People and Culture

My calling in life is to be a builder, developing systems and cultures that enable people to create positive and measurable transformation within their companies and in their communities.

Chief Technology Officer

Focus on excelling at what you do best and not becoming better at what you don’t do so well.

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