Accelerated operational and digital transformation

Proudfoot works with leaders and their teams at all levels to design, implement and accelerate change.  We focus on processes, results and people and deliver the company of the future.

To do this, we work with leaders and their teams in organizations of all sizes, to solve the people challenge in the design and implementation of operational and digital transformation. By doing so, we mitigate the risk associated with transformation and realize the benefits.

Pamela Hackett

Proudfoot CEO

In 1946, Alexander Proudfoot envisioned a new way of helping companies to achieve operational goals. He believed developing human talent and capability aligned to a business’ future was the key to a sustainable and higher business performance. This approach has stood the test of time and continues to be the driving force behind our business.

Our legacy spans 70 years of successfully transforming organizations across a range of industries all over the world through a focus on people. To date, we have worked with more than one million leaders and delivered over 30,000 assessments.

Today, Proudfoot integrates new approaches and our unique know-how in digital and operations transformation to provide innovative insights, proven solutions and lasting positive change for our clients. We roll up our sleeves and put on our boots to help implement sustainable transformation. Importantly, we focus on developing and building the capability of our client’s people, so next time they can do it themselves.

At Proudfoot, we help people change the way they work to transform business for the better. We help you realize tomorrow’s results today.

Making change happen

Transformative change starts with aspiration and a clear vision. And the key to implementing change is people.

Proudfoot engages teams and leadership, at all levels, to create innovative solutions to operational constraints and solve the people challenge associated with making sure that change takes place.

We get involved with people

To achieve measurable financial results, we:

  • Help people understand change and gain alignment to both the company’s future vision
  • Enable people to participate, step up and feel included in the journey and, obtain speed and scale in implementing transformation.
  • We roll up our sleeves and put on our safety boots (physically and metaphorically), to help achieve the change.
  • And we help make change stick until the organization needs to change again.
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Proudfoot Team

It is critical to keep up with your competition’s ability to bring new and innovative products to market, yet many companies suffer from excessively long and costly engineering cycles..

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Proudfoot Team

Owing to a lack of proper evaluation, many SG&A improvement initiatives and cost-reduction measures look like a success on paper when in fact tremendous value was left on the table…


Pamela Hackett

In modern business, successful leadership is implementing change with accuracy to drive sustainability. Whether it’s digital transformation or just business transformation…

Partnerships & Digital Solutions

Collaborating with leaders and experts, delivering all-inclusive solutions


Chief Executive Officer

My passions lie in sustainable business and leaving every client better off than when we arrived.

President, Global Natural Resources

I want to change the current consulting dynamic. Consultants can be a positive catalyst for organizational adaptation and growth, delivering measurable change.

Managing Director Natural Resources, EMEAA

I am passionate about transforming businesses through practical solutions that deliver growth and lasting change.

Managing Director, Asia

My passion is at the core of Proudfoot’s DNA: helping our clients’ people identify and recover lost time. I am a strong believer in the future of Asia and the power it holds.

Managing Director Industrials, EMEAA

My passion is for identifying the core cause of problems, and driving positive change through helping people to be their best.

What if you could...

Bring your billion-dollar capital project back on schedule?

Reduce your operational
risk while increasing production?

Reclaim 200 hangar
days a year to sell to other airlines?

...with Proudfoot, you can!

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