Who we work with

Proudfoot serves industry leaders and their people around the world. We work with senior executives and people in front-line operations to transform your business’s productivity, capability and profitability.

Aerospace & Defense

We have deep expertise in all aspects of aerospace and defense and have worked across all major geographies.


Let Proudfoot help you increase revenue opportunities by diversifying operations from field to fork.

Automotive & Assembly

Our people use their extensive industry experience to transform production and increase efficiencies.


We are experienced in both strategy and financial services and can identify opportunities in your business.


We can help your business create change to increase output without compromising employee safety.

Construction & Infrastructure

Maximize margins whilst advancing your decarbonization agenda

Energy & Utilities

Optimize your energy business from upstream and midstream operations, through to downstream industries.


Proudfoot shows you how to ensure your processes, systems and training are optimized and sustainable.

Food & Beverage

We focus on people and technical expertise. Understanding systems and processes will increase throughput.


We support healthcare providers, manufacturers and insurance companies optimize and digitize their operations.


Let Proudfoot create greater engagement and help you achieve sustainable productivity improvements.

Infrastructure & CAPEX

Manage your CAPEX projects and bring them to completion on-time and on-budget.

Natural Resources

We focus on delivering measurable results across mining, metals, oil & gas and building materials.


Proudfoot can show you how to transform your operations and improve your supply chain.

Private Equity

Proudfoot can help you and your portfolio leadership teams align around common goals and realize greater returns.

Small Business

Utilize the power of a multinational consulting company to identify and unlock the full potential of your business.


We work with industry leaders to help you manage issues around rising consumer demand.


Overcome service challenges to reduce costs, transform operations and manage unexpected disruptions.

Transportion & Logistics

Let our experts help you manage service challenges, bifurcated supply chains and workforce dynamics.

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