Mining and metals

Proudfoot can help you take $295M out of the cost base in your gold mining business, in less than two years, by changing the way work gets managed and done.

Reducing operating costs, increasing safety and realizing greater profits

Our clients in Mining and Metals have realized over US $2 billion in benefits through our most recent assignments. We achieve an ROI of between 4 and 12 times the cost of our programs. Often within the first year. We have completed thousands of successful transformation projects over the last 72 years. Our engagements are often cost/benefit neutral before completion.

We work with mining and metal companies, across their asset lifecycle to deliver:

Proudfoot has been delivering hard results for decades. We know what we are talking about. We use our technical know-how and work with your people. We spend time focusing on your company culture (employee engagement and management capability development) as well as your operating models.

It’s from this approach that our clients accelerate change to achieve dramatic, measurable and sustainable operational outcomes. We help you change the way work gets done to provide results you can take to the bank.

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mining and metals
mining and metals
mining and metals
mining and metals
mining and metals
mining and metals

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“I am pleasantly surprised by the way the people of Proudfoot and our team have been integrated in such a short time, focusing on solving the problems that have the greatest impact on our operation, in addition to training our people in their methodology, so that we apply it on our own areas” – Executive Director

Case studies

Open Pit Gold Mine: The CEO’s concern with his open-pit gold mining operation in Peru was the decline in metal prices and an increase in cost per ton. Additionally, as the productive life of the mine was coming to an end, establishing an organizational structure that was in line with the current reality to maintain a cost-effective operation was paramount to success.

Customer/Supplier Partnership: Leaders at a major gold mine and regional OEM dealership faced ongoing challenges with component rebuild cycle time and maintenance costs. Seeking to preserve their history of two-way support in a remote developing community, executives in both groups decided on a joint effort to address this high-profile customer-supplier issue.

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Accelerating your pursuit of zero-harm results to protect your people & assets.

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