Proudfoot helps renewable energy companies tackle complex challenges and succeed in a rapidly changing industry. Get our expert support to optimize, innovate, and enhance profitability in the clean energy market.

Seize the initiative and capitalize on opportunities in this growing market

The clean and renewable energy industry is hugely exciting, fast moving and very complex due to a maze of rapidly changing regulations and rapidly advancing technology.

With the demand for energy growing each day, more and more focus and investment is going into decarbonizing sources of energy.

That’s where Proudfoot can help. With our knowledge and our people, renewable energy companies (be they in wind power, solar power, bioenergy, or hydroelectric) can solve major energy challenges through innovative solutions that allow them to optimize and transform their operations to adapt to a changing market, all while managing cost and enhancing profitability.

What if you could...

...with Proudfoot you can!

Featured successes for renewables industry clients

0 %

Reduction in sub-contractor costs

20 %

Increase in productivity

8 %

Improvement in working capital employed

20 %

Reduction in downtime

5 %

Reduction in energy costs

20 %

Reduction in maintenance costs

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