We support healthcare providers, medical device manufacturers and health insurance companies release cash, reduce costs, and optimize and digitize their operations.

Driving better patient outcomes through productivity and innovation

We use our know-how to design and implement improved forecasting and planning, procurement, end-to-end processes, and management controls. We help healthcare industry clients respond to operational deficiencies, demand fluctuations and variations throughout the supply chain by establishing flexible and resilient processes that support cost reduction, cash retention and growth.

What if you could...

Our recent projects in the Healthcare industry have an average ROI of 3:1 and attain lasting results.  We achieve this by working with and focusing on your people as the source of improvement.

How Proudfoot can help:

The results


Increased admissions

0 %

Claims backlog reduction

20 %

Reduced inventory claims

15 %

Overtime reduction

0 %

Productivity improvement

20 %

Increased patient admissions

5 %

Our clients

Featured Proofpoint

When a leading private equity firm invested in one of the nation’s largest ophthalmology providers, they found that while clinical growth rates were solid, year over year labor costs were outstripping that growth.

Case studies

After spending $30 million and four years trying to introduce a major new IT system, this large healthcare insurance company was running out of ideas to make it work. Proudfoot helped the insurer get back on track by engaging people in the process of digitization.

A global manufacturer and provider of wound care medical devices was displaying poor sales performance throughout its American Operations; however, it was unclear to the management team what was causing the lack of sales. To understand the issues for the underperforming sales unit, the company’s Private Equity owners asked Proudfoot to analyze the organization and assist in the development of a roadmap that would help the company get back on track for revenue generation and market growth.

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