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Is it time for a tune-up? Our people use their extensive industry experience in automotive and assembly to transform production and increase efficiencies.

Automotive and assembly expertise, transforming production and increasing efficiencies

Sustainable improvements are hard to achieve.  And yet we do it for our clients every day. And the results last. Do you need to improve your supplier performance, reduce storage costs, improve throughput, maximizing your use of capital equipment?

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We achieve lasting change by focusing on your people. Ensuring everyone understands the systems, processes and control and why they exist. As we work together with the people engaged in their jobs, we uncover processes that are not required or can be fixed to save lost time. Simple fixes costing a few dollars can save minutes here and there saving thousands of dollars over the year.  Fixing the frustrations of the people means more engagement from the team and a better work culture.

Understanding why, fixing frustrations, meaningful investments, team engagement – all these factors together are the secret to long lasting change. When people have ‘things done to them’ they will revert to previous  behavior very quickly. When they change because they understand the difference it will make then that change will last.

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Case studies

Supply Chain Performance: Concerned with the lackluster performance of his supply chain, the CEO decided to seek an outside perspective to improve operations and drive financials back into “the black.”

Automotive and Assembly - Supply Chain Performance

Reducing Non-Value Added Time: The managing director wanted to reduce his managers’ non-value-added time by 50% and improve support operations from the non-core overhead and administration.

Automotive and Assembly - Reducing Non-Value Added Time

Improving OEE: Our client had an urgent need to increase the throughput from the manufacturing site. Though new machinery had been installed to improve overall equipment effectiveness, they weren’t getting the results and volumes they were expecting.

Automotive and Assembly - Improving OEE

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