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What we offer

Transform your organization through Proudfoot’s hands-on approach, industry expertise and tailored solutions to accelerate business performance.

Customer Experience

Let us show you how to optimize yield, improve satisfaction and increase retention.

Digital Ready

Let Proudfoot help you deliver the fastest return on your IT investment without additional capital.

Maintenance, Repair and Operations

Improve turnaround time, decrease maintenance costs and improve productivity.

ESG & Total Decarbonization

Taking Action and Responsibility on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) in Sustainable Development.

Operational Improvement

What if you could instill disciplined execution and build a culture of continuous innovation?

Operational Strategy

What if you could implement your operational strategy efficiently and with measurable and sustainable outcomes?

People Solutions™

What if you could rapidly create an agile workforce that engages talent and really fuels your transformation?

Pricing and Cash

What if you could increase your cash flow and improve order-to-cash to speed up revenue attainment?

Risk Management

Proudfoot has partnered with Strategia Worldwide to accelerate value for your business through risk management.

Sales Force and Support

Exceed your revenue forecasts through greater customer engagement and increased repeat business.

Supply Chain

What if you could rapidly retool your global supply chain and deliver more for less? With Proudfoot, you can.


What if you could accelerate the implementation of new business practices and drive sustainable growth?

Working Capital

Build your internal capabilities to release the cash you need and significantly enhance your working capital position.

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