Our Services & Capabilities

Proudfoot provides Strategy Consulting to clients, using strong industry knowledge, utilizing our Analysis, Design, People & Sustainable Value capabilities, to gain a positive ROI. Our services are aimed at Operational Excellence and the areas that affect profitability and long-term sustainable excellence.


Safe Productive Operations

Delivering improved productivity through safety excellence, efficient operations processes and utilizing resources effectively​

Cost Efficiency

Removing waste from the biggest cost drivers in a business; creating an engaged and aware culture to make the change last; and demonstrating ROI​

Next Generation Operations

Reimagining operations to leverage new technology and data capabilities; preparing people with the skills and capabilities required for Day 1 operations readiness​

Sustainability Excellence

Supporting clients to decarbonize operations and ensuring positive social impact through well-defined, measured, implemented, and long term sustainable strategies


Analysis & Design

What if you could get a rapid insight into the scale of change potential in your organization with a clear and compelling value case that gains top team alignment?

People & Culture

What if you could consistently accelerate change and transformation through your workforce, positioning your operations for scalability and sustainability?

Value Realization

What if you could guarantee your major change projects were delivered rapidly, in a agile and disciplined way, so that value is realized and sustained?

Award winning company

We are proud that our consulting services have been recognized by some of the world’s leading business publications

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