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What if you could speed up your maintenance, repair and operations, so you can get the returns on investments, go to market faster and reduce production line delays? With Proudfoot, you can.

Is your fleet maintenance optimized?

To get the return on investments from your MRO costs, go to market faster and reduce production line delays, you must improve turnaround time, decrease maintenance costs and improve productivity. To do this you must optimize scheduling, reduce backlogs, ensure restocking and other delays are eliminated. And do all of this safely.

Proudfoot's unique approach

We focus on your team: in the office, on the shop floor or out in the field. Working alongside those doing the work means we uncover both preventive and predictive maintenance processes that are either not required or can be fixed to save time. Simple improvements costing a few dollars can save minutes here and there, saving your business thousands of dollars over the year.

Understanding why, fixing frustrations, making meaningful investments, team engagement – all these factors together are the secret to sustainable change. We know that the key to improving your operations is always your people. Change lasts when people understand the difference it will make.

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Ship Utilization Rate:  An international dry bulk shipping company grew its fleet from four to 33 ships over twelve years. Sustaining this growth while maintaining operational excellence was a challenge. The organization had a reactive or ‘fire-fighting’ mindset embedded in its culture. There was no succession planning and mentoring structure to identify future leaders and improve management skillsets needed for growth.

Supply Chain Management Efficiency:  The CEO of a distributor for a major home improvement chain wanted to achieve profitable growth. He felt the best way to do this was to develop a competitive advantage through efficient supply chain operations. Installing a new operational structure to govern demand planning, procurement and order fulfilment was a top priority.

Cycle Time & Productivity: The Head of Aircraft Maintenance of a major seasonal airline needed to transform their UK based operations to remain competitive, reduce turnaround time to absorb previously outsourced aircraft C-Checks, while maintaining high levels of service.

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