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No matter where you are in the commodity price cycle you need to ensure a safe and productive operation. Proudfoot brings over 70 years of expertise to ensure your operations are optimized.

Removing complexity to increase predictability in natural resources operations

We understand the ups and downs of natural resources and commodities. You need to bring predictability where you can. And where possible remove complexity. A safe productive operation is always your number one priority. You must balance this with your need to achieve expected shareholder returns. And that’s why we focus on delivering measurable operational and financial results. We balance those results by developing the culture of your organization. You only get high performance through your people.

We know the natural resource sector. Proudfoot has been delivering results using our deep subject matter expertise for decades. We work directly with your people in their workplace. We use our unique engagement model with one-on-one coaching. We balance this with our technical know-how. By focusing on your company culture (employee engagement and management capability development) as well as your operating models we deliver a lasting and significant return on investment.

Our clients accelerate transformative change to achieve dramatic, measurable and sustainable operational outcomes – changing the way work gets done to provide results you can take to the bank. The companies we have worked with are willing to provide references and details upon request. Contact us now to find out more.

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Future of Mining (is Still) People, 2021

We invite you to dive in to the world of the future of mining. In a year-long series, we share knowledge and thought leadership about the Primary Industries through a series of interviews, side chats, project case studies, and presentations that touch on everything from the business and industry trends, leadership and people engagement, and digital and operational transformation.

Case studies

Open Pit Gold Mine: The CEO’s concern with his open-pit gold natural resources operation in Peru was the decline in metal prices and an increase in cost per ton. Additionally, as the productive life of the mine was coming to an end, establishing an organizational structure that was in line with the current reality to maintain a cost-effective operation was paramount to success.

Mining and Metals

Reducing operating costs, increasing safety and realizing greater profits.

Oil and Gas

Speed, scale, and magnitude of benefits across the energy value chain.

Building Materials

A Target Operating Model that transforms your business operations.

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