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Water is vital to just about everything on our planet. Not just life itself but every element of our global society, including business, healthcare, education, and sanitation. Yet we all too often take it for granted. We turn on the tap and expect water to flow.

The global demand for water is growing dramatically, due to expanding populations, growing economies, and unprecedented demands for food, energy, and manufacturing. Yet water companies face a vast array of end-to-end operational challenges when making sure that they can satisfy this ever-increasing demand for water. Two key challenges are becoming more and more pressing: The first is collecting water in a warming climate where rainfall is increasingly unpredictable. The second is storing and retaining that water in what is often antiquated infrastructure which was never designed for this volume of water or the number of homes or businesses which need it on a daily basis.

Combined with the practical complexities of water supply, there are also cost and regulatory challenges, meaning that water companies must constantly evolve, adapt, and transform in order to grow a successful and profitable business.

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Reduction in energy costs

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