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Accelerate delivery of sustainable results from your strategic transformation initiatives, while creating in-house capability for future improvement by partnering with the pioneers of Operational and Digital Transformation.

Spotlight on: Preparing to be Digital Ready

The Covid-19 pandemic fallout forced organizations to re-evaluate their emphasis on digitization and new business models to remain agile, resilient and competitive, based on market pressure. 

Most companies have sped-up their digital transformation efforts to help them make more informed decisions in real time by using data-powered technologies, IoT and AI to grow revenue, reduce costs and improve cash flow.

At Proudfoot, we focus on your people where they are, in the office, on the shop floor or in the field. Whether it is “boots on the ground” or remotely, we know what they do, what their processes are and how they need to change. 

We understand the drivers in digital transformation from infrastructure, business flows, big data, analytics, and new technologies driving the need for innovative, efficient, and intelligent business models of today.

As a pioneer and industry leader in operations consulting with eight decades of experience across global industries and services, we adapt and leverage our deep expertise in operational process improvement with technologies that enable our clients to access an unbeatable combination of Operational and Digital know-how that connect people, assets and processes to deliver exceptional Operational Excellence, Customer Experience, and a desired Financial Outcome.

Proudfoot's Unique Approach

We design, implement and accelerate operational and digital transformation through people. This allows us to create new capabilities and harness the power of your people to build a digital ready engaged culture, turbocharge leadership behaviors, and implement improved operating models.

Proudfoot’s framework is adaptable, flexible and vendor agnostic and was designed to work with next generation technologies through solution partners in our global ecosystem.

As a result, through collaboration with your front-line supervision, your middle management, and your senior executives, we design and implement behaviorally informed work designs that are fit for purpose and are supported through technology yet enabled by people.

Our digital transformation programs solve strategically important challenges that impede top-line growth or bottom-line results, delivering measurable, and sustainable financial results.

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Case Studies

Software Quote to Order: A global technology company sought to reduce cycle time and simplify the quote-to-cash process for over 3,500 product SKUs. Proudfoot was retained to revamp the legacy quote-to-cash processes in line with its digital vision; this included restructuring product hierarchies, integrating them with new-product introductions and restructuring the quoting organization to enable new digital processes. In streamlining the quote-to-cash process, the key was enabling quote-to-cash status transparency and integration into legacy CRM and ERP systems. Download now to learn more.

Maximize IT Investment: A premium insurance company had invested heavily in a major digital transformation across the enterprise. Results were falling short of expectations as they were not realizing the expected return on investment. Proudfoot was retained to enable the digital ready strategy, roadmap and execution by prioritizing the business needs. Read the complete case study by click download below.

Accelerated Adoption of New Technology: A premium airline brand was launching a major digital transformation in their engineering company. The objective was to turn both their line maintenance and heavy maintenance operations into paperless processes. Proudfoot was brought in to lead a critical Change Management Workstream with the objective to re-imagine their legacy maintenance processes and working practices in order to provide state of the art innovative ideas together with the staff, at an operational level to enable fully digital operations. Read the complete case study by click download below.

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