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You want to deliver the fastest return on your IT investment and you also know it is going to be hard work. Proudfoot knows how to maximize the return on your systems investment.

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Proudfoot knows how to maximize the return on your systems investment. The secret to unlocking the potential is never the system you have chosen; it is always your people. And that is what we do. We focus on your team, whether they are in the office, on the shop floor or in the field. We understand what they do, what their processes are and how they need to change. We build that new process, educate the people and then focus on the system. Then you get the return you are looking for.

As we work together with the people doing their job, we uncover IT processes that are not required or can be fixed to save lost time. Simple digital fixes costing a few dollars can save minutes here and there recouping thousands of dollars over the course of a year. Fixing the IT-related frustrations of people means greater engagement and a better work culture.

Proudfoot's unique approach

We design, implement and accelerate operational and digital transformation through people. We partner with tech organizations to solve strategically important problems that impede top-line growth or bottom-line results. This allows us to create new capabilities and harness the power of your people to build an engaged culture, turbocharge leadership behaviors, and implement improved operating models.

Through collaboration with your front-line supervision, your middle management, and your senior executives, we fully implement digital solutions that transform your operations – the way you and your people do business.

How we help clients

  • Aligned business models
  • Leverage ecosystems
  • Build a digital business case
  • Digital competitive advantage
  • Leadership & workforce talent
  • User adoption
  • Digital threats & opportunities
  • Digital maturity assessment
  • Benefits realization

Our clients

Case studies

Software Quote to Order: A global technology company sought to reduce cycle time and simplify the quote-to-cash process for over 3,500 product SKUs. Proudfoot was retained to revamp the legacy quote-to-cash processes in line with its digital vision; this included restructuring product hierarchies, integrating them with new-product introductions and restructuring the quoting organization to enable new digital processes. In streamlining the quote-to-cash process, the key was enabling quote-to-cash status transparency and integration into legacy CRM and ERP systems.

Maximize IT Investment: A premium insurance company had invested heavily in a major digital transformation across the enterprise. Results were falling short of expectations as they were not realizing the expected return on investment. Proudfoot was retained to enable the digital strategy, roadmap and execution by prioritizing the business needs.

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