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Let Proudfoot show you how you can increase profits by reducing overheads, improving procurement and supply chain, and optimizing plant operations and maintenance.

Grow revenues and innovate at an accelerated pace without additional capital expenditure

You want to increase business revenue and innovate without extra outlays on equipment. And the growth must be sustainable. There is no margin for error in operations and supply chain. Brands are innovating at a record pace. And you need to accelerate your innovation and development to sustain your growth.

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As we work together with the people doing the work, we uncover processes that are not required or can be fixed to save lost time. Simple fixes costing a few dollars can save minutes here and there equating to thousands of dollars every year. Fixing the frustrations of the people means more engagement from the team and a better work culture.

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consumer packaged goods
consumer packaged goods
consumer packaged goods
consumer packaged goods

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Paper Operations: The Senior Vice President needed to address a projected multi-million-dollar shortfall in its fine paper operations. The company calculated that its fine paper operation was running behind its projected annual contribution due to quality issues, decreased throughput, and inadequate process controls.

Updated Management System: Several acquisitions had left the organization overly complex with unclear reporting lines and out of date management systems. The sales force was distributed across 14 countries and each came from many different backgrounds and organizations.

Increase Productivity: The market share and profitability were not where they should or could be. The division’s new CEO was tasked with delivering $9m in savings.

Improving Output: Client had concerns about the management and cost structure of the (R&D) research and development department. There was no project related cost planning or control, which was damaging margins.

Manufacturing 4.0

Operational Excellence through orchestration of end-to-end process and behavioral transformation.

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