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Sustainable productivity improvements are hard to achieve. And yet we do it for our clients everyday. And the results last.

Improved capacity utilization through greater workforce engagement

We help industrial goods sector integrate sales and operations to ensure customer satisfaction and improved margins. We have improved industrial production by 30 per cent whilst reducing budget overruns. We ensure a safe working environment that delivers best in class line changes, whilst minimizing downtime.

By engaging with the people involved, understanding why, fixing frustrations, making meaningful investments, prioritizing team engagement – all these factors together are the secret to long lasting change. When people have ‘things done to them’ they will revert to previous behavior very quickly. When they change because they understand the difference it will make then that change will last.

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industrial goods
industrial goods
industrial goods
industrial goods
industrial goods
industrial goods

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Reduce Total Costs: A large, high-speed injection-molding plastics manufacturer had grown through acquisitions resulting in inconsistent operating processes. The CEO wanted to reduce total costs while improving delivery capabilities through plant consolidation, supply chain redesign and footprint reduction.

Cost Reduction Initiative: The CEO of a medical device manufacturer implemented a cost reduction initiative to combat squeezed margins through internal lean working teams. However, he soon realized the initiative could not actually deliver the savings it had targeted.

Manufacturing 4.0

Operational Resiliency Excellence (OPRx) through the orchestration of end-to-end process and behavioral transformation.

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