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Proudfoot leaders are passionate about helping your business deliver tomorrow’s results, today.

Chief Executive Officer

My passions lie in sustainable business and leaving every client better off than when we arrived.

President, Global Natural Resources

I want to change the current consulting dynamic. Consultants can be a positive catalyst for organizational adaptation and growth, delivering measurable change.

Managing Director Natural Resources, EMEAA

I am passionate about transforming businesses through practical solutions that deliver growth and lasting change.

Managing Director, Asia

My passion is at the core of Proudfoot’s DNA: helping our clients’ people identify and recover lost time. I am a strong believer in the future of Asia and the power it holds.

Managing Director Industrials, EMEAA

My passion is for identifying the core cause of problems, and driving positive change through helping people to be their best.

Managing Director Natural Resources, Americas

I am excited about building trusted and lasting partnerships with our clients, helping them address their ever-changing business challenges.

Executive Vice President Solution Design EMEA

For me, it’s all about ensuring that businesses have the right financial frameworks and business models in place for sustained success.

Vice President Natural Resources EMEAA

I am passionate about working closely with our clients to resolve their issues, ensuring that businesses meet their full potential.

Chief Information Officer

My life’s work is making a positive difference to business through the right technology solutions.

Chief Knowledge Officer

I’m passionate about the power of knowledge to transform organizations by empowering people with the tools they need to drive efficiency and progress.

Commercial Finance Director

For me, it’s all about ensuring that businesses have the right financial frameworks and business models in place for sustained success.

Executive Chairman Proudfoot and CEO Management Consulting Group Plc

I build better businesses so that they can have real impact in the world.

Executive Vice President Solution Design and Delivery

I am driven by helping clients run their organisations more efficiently.

Executive Vice President, Support Services

What drives me is enhancing teamwork at a client’s organisation, through people-based solutions.

Global Resource Director

I deliver measurable and sustainable financial benefits to our clients by rapidly improving client operations.

Country Manager, DACH and Central Europe

I am passionate about helping my multi-sector clients across Europe better their operations management.

Managing Partner, Brazil

I am driven by acting as partner to an organisation, helping them realise their growth potential.

President, Brazil

I am passionate about realizing tomorrow’s results today. Particularly in relation to the complex market of Brazil.

Managing Partner, Private Equity Global

Value Creation is my driver. I am excited about the creation of cash, cost, and growth opportunities for PE leaders and portfolio companies.

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