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Proudfoot leaders are passionate about helping your business deliver tomorrow’s results, today.

Chief Executive Officer

I am passionate about helping our clients accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable operations while inspiring and empowering people to exceed their goals.


I build better businesses so that they can have real impact in the world.

Chief Delivery Officer

I’m passionate about helping our clients become more effective and building the capability of the team.

Chief Commercial Officer

I’m passionate about reinventing management consulting to deliver more certainty and greater value for our clients

Chief Financial Officer

For me, it’s all about ensuring that businesses have the right financial frameworks and business models in place for sustained success.

Managing Partner Industrials UK

My passion is at the core of Proudfoot’s DNA: helping our clients’ people identify and recover lost time. I am a strong believer in the future of Asia and the power it holds.

Managing Partner Industrials Europe

Passionate about partnering with exceptional clients to solve complex business challenges, working with engaged and passionate people and delivering exceptional results that are sustainable

Chief Information Officer

My life’s work is making a positive difference to business through the right technology solutions.

President, Brazil

I am passionate about realizing tomorrow’s results today. Particularly in relation to the complex market of Brazil.

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