Proudfoot can show you how to overcome technology service challenges to reduce costs, transform operations and effectively manage unexpected technology disruptions.

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As a business leader, you want to break down organizational silos and fully integrate across departments to establish an agile, growth-driven organization. Service challenges, bifurcated supply chains and workforce dynamics are taxing for technology leaders. You need to be reducing costs, transforming operations and effectively managing unexpected disruptions. We do this for our software development and hardware manufacturing clients every day. And the results we deliver last.

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We achieve this by focusing on your people. We use our know-how to design and implement best practices to streamline internal operations, position for scale and fix process problems that technology alone cannot solve. We install a framework for consistent cross-departmental processes across departments. We ensure the smooth transmission of information across the whole operation. You have greater visibility over assets, processes and people.

As we work together with the people doing the work we uncover processes that are not required or can be fixed to save lost time. Simple fixes costing a few dollars can save minutes here and there saving thousands of dollars over the year. Fixing the frustrations of the people means more engagement from the team and a better work culture.

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Quote to Order: One of silicon valley’s most prominent technology companies was dealing with growing pains associated with rapid expansion. A significant side effect of this was the increasingly complex “quote-to-order” area of the business. They were paying a steep price for innovation – a proliferation of product codes which made it difficult to accurately quote customers.

Resource Management: While our client possessed an enormous wealth of talent in its engineering pool, the company was challenged by the task of project and resource management. Consequently, it was unable to adequately estimate work to time relationships or identify critical paths for projects.

eCommerce Solutions: Over the past years, our client had been struggling to integrate some acquired operations. The scope of the project was end-to-end including city offices. The program focused on quality and productivity working with the support centers and 75 facilitates management sites.

Software Solutions: The Chairman wanted to get improvements with speed and predictability. There were poor internal departmental communication and relationships with broken work processes which meant poor service. There were also skills issues and flexibility concerns with weak supervisor skills; more fire-fighting than supervising.

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