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Utilize the depth and power of a multinational consulting company to rapidly uncover operational roadblocks and identify value creation.

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Especially designed for small to mid-cap companies ($100m or less) looking to rapidly grow your business and scale your operations to enable growth, SBC helps accelerate and maximize your value by analyzing your daily operations to develop strategic improvement plans.

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Proudfoot capabilities

Get a clear view of your current state of operations. Obtain an articulate and detailed operational improvement strategy. Jumpstart your teams to start realizing tangible benefits. From small to large-cap organizations, we use our Aerial Mapping methodology and our Rapid Analytics Toolbox to understand your business.

What we provide

small business

Agile opportunity assessment

Detail understanding of your operational constraints

small business

Constraint reporting

Showing you the levers in the business that can unlock trapped value

small business

Financial business case

Linking improvements opportunities designed to accelerate and deliver change for the long haul, while engaging your people, and directly tying financial benefits to your bottom line

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