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We use our technical expertise to ensure everyone understands the systems, processes, and controls to increase production throughput and transform your business.

Increased production throughput that will deliver the profitability your business needs

Increasing production throughput is hard enough. But you also need to do this without compromising quality and hygiene standards. And the improvement must be sustainable. While this can seem difficult, we do this for our clients every day. And the results last.

Proudfoot capabilities

  • Do you need to improve quality without sacrificing throughput?
  • Do you need to improve maintenance effectiveness in a clean environment?
  • Do you need to reduce wait time between line change overs?
  • Do you need to install automation and train your employees to adapt?
  • Do you need to engage your highly skilled workforce to manage your advanced equipment efficiently?

We achieve lasting change for your business by focusing on your people. We use our technical expertise in the industry to ensure everyone understands the systems, processes, and controls and why they exist.

As we work together with the people doing the work we uncover processes that are not required or can be fixed to save lost time. Simple fixes costing a few dollars can save minutes here and there saving thousands of dollars over the year. Fixing the frustrations of the people means more engagement from the team and a better work culture.

What if you could...

  • Recoup IT investment to improve employee scheduling, retention, and productivity?
  • Increase your productivity to accelerate top-line growth?
  • Remove silos that prevent collaboration and create an agile, change-capable workforce?
  • Restructure sanitation procedures, reducing downtime by 20%?

...with Proudfoot you can!

Our clients

Featured results

Case studies

Increasing Productivity and Efficiency: A leading European fresh foods producer had experienced sustained growth since its establishment as a family owned business for twenty years previously. The company’s president turned to Proudfoot to increase sales, restore profitability and strengthen the company’s foundations.

ERP Implementation: A 66-year-old privately owned packaged food manufacturer had undergone expansion through acquisitions and rapid product innovation over the past 10 years.

Change-Capable Workforce: The CEO of a meat processing company met with key members of his staff to determine what could be done. Despite their efforts to meet production requirements, they were underperforming and the team was determined to improve results.

Increasing Productivity: A major food industry brand started business in Germany more than a century ago. The arrival of a new CEO prompted corrective action and a review of all operations. The mantra — get back on the right track to retain and consolidate their strong market share.

Areas of impact

  • Process Reegineering
  • Throughput Increase
  • Maintenance and TPM
  • Line Performance
  • Scrap Reduction
  • OEE Improvement
  • Energy Management
  • Resource Utilization
  • Purchasing
  • Quality
  • Support Departments

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