Improve your return on capital investment by ensuring your processes, systems and training are optimized.

Achieving sustainable transformation and optimizing equipment

You have spent enough on the equipment. Now you must get the best out of it. The only way to do this is to ensure your processes, systems and training are Optimized. And they must be sustainable.

While this may seem difficult, at Proudfoot we do this for our clients every day. And the results last.

Proudfoot capabilities

We achieve lasting change for your business by focusing on your people. We use our technical expertise in the engineering to ensure everyone understands the systems, processes and controls and why they exist.

As we work together with the people doing the work we uncover processes that are not required or can be fixed to save lost time. Simple fixes costing a few dollars can save minutes here and there saving thousands of dollars over the year. Fixing the frustrations of the people means more engagement from the team and a better work culture.

What if you could...

...with Proudfoot you can!

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Engineering - Result Engineering

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New Business Model: The company had been losing market share but had excellent reputation for engineering excellence while service levels were falling and costs rising. PE-owned group wanted to improve customer service and cut costs to boost profitability.

Consumer Packaged Goods - Results

Organizational Restructure: The client lacked best practices which caused excessive duplication and rework. Many of the work processes did not add value. The client wanted to achieve adequate project planning processes.

Engineering - Organizational Restructure

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