2019 Budget Analytics

Budget analytics should be complemented with a bottom-up analytical review to bring accuracy and confidence to your numbers.

Proudfoot has engaged in 10,000+ operational assessments. We know how to analyze your business in just 2-3 weeks to determine where your most pressing opportunities are and where you can realize benefits and savings. Every reduction in cost is money you can bank or reinvest in your growth.

Planning for 2020, are you:

Assess. Address. Achieve.

Realize more from your business today. With an on-the-ground budget analytics program, Proudfoot can help your business identify hidden value and implement a Recovery or Growth MAP (Management Action Plan) to support your budget development and execution:

Get a clear, operational status of your business: from where your costs opportunities are to cultural readiness for change.

In just 2-3 weeks, depending on scope, obtain a clear operational improvement strategy.

Benefit from the knowledge of more than 10,000 operational assessments and business improvement roadmap designs.

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