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Solving the people challenge of engineering productivity

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It is critical to keep up with your competition’s ability to bring new and innovative products to market, yet many companies suffer from excessively long and costly engineering cycles. Most engineering programs aren’t reaching the levels of productivity possible due to a range of issues.  

How do you enable your engineers’ productive team to deliver better results at a lower cost? 

The first step is to initiate an Engineering Productivity Opportunity Assessment. This two-week analysis shows your engineering program from all perspectives, giving you a granular view of inefficiencies across all areas. It charts a course to unlock your engineering team’s true potential by addressing pain points at the root of the problem. 

Sometimes challenges stem from engineers spending too much time on administrative work or getting involved in unnecessary meetings. But in most cases, underperformance is due to the compounded impact of many interrelated problems. This requires a holistic solution. 

Request an Engineering Productivity Opportunity Assessment today. Contact Executive Vice President, Tony Zuanich to initiate a two-week analysis and identify the best opportunities to improve engineering performance through a sequence of focused actions: 

  • Gain a granular view of engineering inefficiencies, opportunities, and trade-offs and chart a course to reduce costs by 30 percent or more 
  • Free capacity through the reduction of rework, firefighting and administrative tasks 
  • Define project priorities to ensure focus and reduce interruptions; make sure every commitment can be met in time and on budget 
  • Install top down/bottom up planning to ensure transparency on milestones and deliverables
  • Establish KPIs for plan attainment, capacity, quality and cost

To see these results in action, take a look at our productivity workout video: How to Gain the Productivity AdvantageYou can also check out our Spotlight On Maintenance Excellence to understand how this program helps our clients reach operational excellence, productivity, and efficiency. 

Proudfoot can help enhance your business productivity using Engineering Productivity Opportunity Assessment. Email us at and make productivity happen today! 

Table of Contents

Posted on September 5, 2019

By Proudfoot Team

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