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What if you could optimize Sales and operations planning and boost productivity by at least 20%?

Without adequate management visibility or effective S&OP controls, the costs of misalignment can quietly add up to a significant impact on operating margin. Solving the issue takes sophisticated coordination between sales, procurement, warehouse, manufacturing, and other stakeholders. How do you help your people work together to achieve better results at a lower cost? Contact Proudfoot to discuss how a two-week S&OP assessment can quickly jumpstart your performance.

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31% Inventory reduction | 19% Overtime reduction | 19% Freight cost savings | 20% Increased manufacturing and distribution productivity

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Consulting should always be an investment, not a cost. As such, you should always be able to track your return on your investment in consulting. To learn more about the Proudfoot Client Audited Results and how we track value, go to our Real-Time Results Score Card.

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