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What if you could consistently accelerate change and transformation through your workforce, positioning your operations for scalability and sustainability?

What if you could engage people and inspire change

Supporting your transformation program, Proudfoot’s People & Culture practice helps you to accelerate sustainable adoption and realize value faster. We create transformation in your organization through your people by engaging their heads, hearts, and hands – enabling your people to actively participate in change while transferring our change competence and capability into your organization. Proudfoot designs, implements, and accelerates transformation through our five agile People Solutions core processes that connects to how people “feel” and “logically view” the need for change.

Proudfoot creates the synergies and cross-functional collaboration needed to create collective direction, alignment, and commitment of your people to enable operational excellence. Through coaching at the point of execution on every level, by engaging talent and working shoulder-to-shoulder to realign processes, through building leadership effectiveness along with operational and technical skills, Proudfoot clients achieve peak performance.  Proudfoot enables your people to become agents of change, capable of creating positive and measurable transformation within your company and in their community.

Proudfoot's unique approach

Proudfoot integrates the essential capabilities of knowledge, collaboration, and engagement into the fabric of your workplace culture to provide your people with experiences designed to shape how they think and execute, all in support of sustainably delivering your desired results and business outcomes.

Our approach enables you to design and build the right workplace culture for maximizing organizational results for increasing employee engagement and winning workforce commitment towards the work, mission, and vision of your company. Our approach to change supports improving your employee relations, helping you to facilitate a positive work environment with healthier relationships that enable your company to grow an retain your best talent in service of achieving your operational outcomes. 

Proudfoot’s change framework and unmatched expertise in the human aspect of transformation gets people to align and collaborate across organizational boundaries. With eight decades of experience in successfully enabling individual and organizational change, Proudfoot champions change by employing five valid and reliable core change processes together across organizational boundaries.

Proudfoot’s five People & Culture core processes:

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people solutions,agile people solutions

Alignment and engagement

people solutions,agile people solutions

Education and training

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people solutions,agile people solutions


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