Users Don’t Adopt, but People Do

How Community Connection Can Help Grow Your Business

Community Connection – Why do management gurus still speak of resistance to change and failed digital transformations, yet whole new IT platforms have been rolled out across the globe to billions of people without a single memo, town hall, or training program?

Most of us buy online, check-in for flights, use online banking, and spend hours on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, but it’s likely none of us received a memo from a CEO to get on board. Instead, there were early adopters, influencers, and platform coaches who spread the word.

People downloaded shiny new apps and created user accounts for a cause—for convenience, connections with long-distance family and friends, and sharing experiences.

What does this teach us? It’s not about user adoption; it’s about community connection. When you master that, you master not just engagement but transformation.

As leaders, we forget that the people who are using these new technologies at home are the very same people who come to work each day to participate in digital or operational transformations. The difference? Their engagement.

So, what if you could bring that same spirit to work? You can. Help people see their cause, and you’ll give them a reason to adopt and engage me.

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