Agile Mining – The Future is Smaller. Bigger is not always better

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What if you could flatten the CapEx curve and move cashflow forward through an optimized approach to mine-building? Well, with Proudfoot you can. Read more on how to streamline new projects, generate revenue early, flatten the CapEx spend curve and reduce schedule risk to achieve agile mining.

Before COVID-19, the delivery of mining projects on-time and to-budget was practically unheard of. Research shows that capital projects typically run over budget by 65 percent, and that half of all projects report schedule completion delays. According to EY, License to Operate (LTO) was the number one risk facing mining companies during the 2019-20 period causing such delays. Unfortunately, schedule overruns not only negatively impact a project’s Net Present Value (NPV), but also the company’s overall price performance.

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