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At Proudfoot we design, implement, and accelerate operational transformation through people – realizing tomorrow’s results, today.

COVID-19: We’re working with our clients during this time of crisis to ensure business continuity, build business resilience, help start the recovery process and plan for the new reality.

Contact us for advice, to discuss current tactics, concerns, ways you can accelerate your transformation, or simply to use our experience as a sounding board to your current and future strategies.

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What if you could...

Increase productivity
by 23%?

Reduce overall costs
by 16%?

Increase sales forecast
accuracy by 40%?

...with Proudfoot, you can!

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We are proud that our consulting services have been recognized by some of the world’s leading business publications.

Forbes 2020 – America's Best Management Consulting Firms

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Rolling 8 months average

Rolling 8 months average

Proudfoot has led the way in measuring value since we opened our doors in 1946. One of the key differences when working with us is our ability to measure everything we do and for our clients to have visibility of results. And because we are obsessed with performance, we publish our aggregate Client Audited Results monthly to the greater business community. These results show how we are delivering against our commitments and ultimately our fees. Today we have several measures that span the dashboard – from culture to cash.

We guarantee your results against our fees. We are so confident in the success and speed of your transformation, your results are guaranteed.

Podcast Series

Wrestling Chaos

In this series, Proudfoot Global CEO Pamela Hackett speaks with leaders in industry, clients and consultants about what’s going on in their world of work and explores topics on the minds of leaders at every level of an organization. Tune in to our podcast to hear interesting points of view from real life business leaders and find out how they’re ‘wrestling chaos’.


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