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Rolling 12 Month Average

Proudfoot has led the way in measuring value since we opened our doors in 1946. One of the key differences when working with us is our ability to measure everything we do and for our clients to have visibility of results. And because we are obsessed with performance, we publish our aggregate Client Audited Results monthly to the greater business community. These results show how we are delivering against our commitments and ultimately our fees. Today we have several measures that span the dashboard – from culture to cash.

We guarantee your results against our fees. We are so confident in the success and speed of your transformation, your results are guaranteed.


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Russia – Ukraine War: As the escalation of the Russo-Ukrainian invasion continues, a humanitarian crisis has unfolded, and millions are suffering.

The world has been impacted by the horrifying events taking place in Ukraine. As a global company servicing clients in the war region, Proudfoot has decided to suspend our work with Russian companies. Our contractual obligations have been met and we will not take on any new work in the country.

During these tragic times, we wish resiliency for the Central and Eastern European countries, especially Ukraine.

We are currently working with our clients to develop inflation and risk-driven management plans and implement strategies to address the short and long-term impacts of the present socio-political world environment.

Contact us for advice, or to discuss the best ways to rapidly act on creating or accelerating your risk-mitigation strategies.

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