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Assess, Address, Achieve: A 40% TAT Time Reduction in under 90 days

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A world leading OEM needed both quick wins and sustainable productivity improvements…

One of North America’s pre-eminent jet engine and aircraft systems manufacturers was facing significant delays at one of their primary engine overhaul sites. With the entire aviation supply chain under pressure, and management setting ambitious goals to beat the curve, TAT time (Turnaround) or time of submission for two key engine types were well beyond target, putting plans, profitability, and customer satisfaction at risk.

Read our proof point to see how Proudfoot immediately created real tangible benefits while also overseeing a long-term transformation of the site’s processes and procedures through the reduction of production’s waiting time.

Can you reduce 40% TAT time in 90 days? | Time of submission

What if you could..

assess operational challenges, address vendor management opportunities, and achieve 40% TAT time reduction in less than 90 days?

..with Proudfoot you can!

Table of Contents

Posted on October 23, 2019

By Proudfoot Team

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