Sustainability Excellence

Supporting Clients to decarbonize operations and ensuring positive social impact through well-defined, measured, implemented, and long term sustainable strategies.

The company of tomorrow needs to have a clearly defined ESG framework that measures each component of ESG in a continuous and cyclical basis. It must understand its carbon emissions output by closely monitoring its Total Carbon Footprint (TCF) and develop a Total Decarbonization strategy.


Figure 1: Total Decarbonzation Journey

The Total Decarbonization Journey is made up of 4 different components. You cannot totally decarbonize, or strategize towards Net Zero, until you have looked at all 4 aspects of the journey.

While the journey starts with understanding the carbon policy and pricing that impacts your business, you may select to start by understanding your total footprint to implement impactful quick solutions to reduce your scope 3 emissions and get your CO2 reporting under control.

What truly matters is that you start, somewhere!, to understand your true carbon footprint and how to decarbonize before it’s too late.

We’re here to help

Proudfoot supports companies in their quest to reduce their CO2 emissions by bringing together the Total Decarbonization Journey in four very specific areas: Carbon Policy & Pricing, the Total Footprint Value Chain, Carbon Offsetting & Removal and Scenario Modelling CO2. To do this, we stitch together all of the data that makes part of your end-to-end carbon output, utilize advanced scenario modelling technology to visualize how even the smallest changes affect every financial and operational KPI in your business, and conduct big data analysis to identify opportunities, show you your starting point and guide you through a detailed implementation roadmap of the actions you need to take in your decarbonization journey to create the greatest impact towards your Net Zero goals.

Equally, we engage all stakeholders across the organization in purchasing, logistics, operations, support functions, and third-party vendors where needed, to uncover hidden potentials, guide them through change, and obtain their commitment; therefore, achieving and sustaining the operational changes that must take place for the business to reach its Net Zero goals.

Proudfoot capabilities

What if you could…


Understand the breakeven point, in time and costs, for your operations to switch to new processes or technologies and reap the optimal financial, operational and ESG outcomes for your business?


Measure and understand your value chain carbon footprint and build a low carbon strategy to impact your exposure quickly.


Create your carbon stakeholder map, implement a net-zero organizational roadmap based on your company's emissions and targets, and measure and report your company's reduction efforts with the confidence of taking real action towards net-zero and improving your business?


Realize and implement the strategies to operationalize and maximize improvement in your carbon footprint value chain, understand your carbon budget constraints and possible removals, and develop and operate the offset strategy required to achieve net-zero?


Model what your company's financial, social, and operational changes will be if the world decarbonizes by 2050 and achieves a 1.5°C increase in global temperature?

...with Proudfoot you can!

Implement your ESG goals, achieve Business Value Creation at speed and design a business capable of thriving despite external conditions, today.