From Quarry to Lorry: Realising your cement business’s full potential

Realising your cement business's full potential

Cement Business – In June 2018, Angus Maclean, a leader in Proudfoot’s Global Building Materials Practice discussed next-generation Target Operating Models (TOM) with Global Cement Magazine.

Leading companies implement a TOM to ensure successful use of critical behaviours, underpinned by processes and management tools, from ‘quarry-to-lorry’ across a cement producer’s business.
TOMs go beyond simply optimising each individual cement plant. Addressing the company’s network of plants and logistics operations, they optimise performance and ensure uniformly across a group.

The results? Cement businesses enjoy improved and more predictable returns on net assets and higher EBITDA from optimisation across their industrial value stream. And they get results quickly. Many producers have already cut every possible cost. A TOM allows producers to go beyond basic cost cutting, and to save money across all plant locations. It makes plant managers’ task easier by simplifying their day-to-day operations.

Your TOM becomes the foundation for sustainable benefits. With Proudfoot’s transformation know-how, you can use behavioural “transformation through people” to drive real financial results.

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