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Dedication: Our teams continued operational support during lockdown

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When the pandemic started to rapidly spread across the world, borders and operational activities began to shut down. Some businesses decided to postpone their engagements. Some were deemed critical and decided to stay open and operational so they could serve their clients. With this, we had a hard decision to make: Continue to support clients’ operational projects even in these very difficult circumstances, or pick-up our stuff and go home. For our clients that needed us during the pandemic, we decided to stay operational 

Making that choice was difficult not only for our leadership team; it was, and continues to be difficult for each and every one of our dedicated Proudfoot team members involved in these projects. 

For the team members whose clients decided to keep their doors open, each and every one of these dedicated Proudfooters had to decide either to stay in their location and support their projects, or return home to their loved ones. As a company, we supported whichever decision they made. 

To our surprise, we were honored and humbled to learn that every project which kept its doors open, also kept their consulting team. If that doesn’t scream dedication and love for what you do, we’re not sure what does. 

Choosing to continue to guide and assist our clients was a very difficult and personal decision for each of us. Some of our team members decided to drive from their homes for over 6 or 8 hours just to get to client premises. Some decided they could stay across borders without returning home in over 6 weeks. Some have been riding the COVID wave in a foreign country without really knowing when they’ll be able to come home. 

We don’t have the words to express our gratitude to the team members who, day-in and day-out, choose to continue to serve our clients. This level of appreciation becomes even deeper for the families of our staff. Our hats go off to each one of you for your commitment, and to your families for lending you to us and our clients. We are indebted to you all – thank you for your pledge to serve our clients to the best of your abilities every single day, including days when a global pandemic ravages the world. 

Our hats go off to you. Thank you for being part of the Proudfoot family! 



Table of Contents

Posted on June 17, 2020

By Proudfoot Team

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