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We collaborate with Private Equity firms to accelerate value creation and growth. We support companies to achieve their full potential by delivering operational excellence and changing the way people come together to perform, thereby delivering results previously thought impossible.

Fast results generated across your entire asset portfolio

We help you generate greater value across your portfolio by helping Investors and Private Equity operations transform your asset’s operational and financial results, and make them “fit for exit”.

We have been achieving P&L results by working closely with management teams for more than seven decades, supporting investors and their asset and portfolio management teams to manage their businesses more effectively, and achieve their financial and operational objectives.

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Our capabilities

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Speed to impact

Leveraging data analytics and powerful management strategies, you can implement successful human-centric transformation and achieve tangible results in the span of mere months.

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Get a helicopter view of your business processes through aerial mapping, so you have the clarity and transparency you need to enhance and improve portfolios for greater value.

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We offer impartial, neutral advice so you can make the best-possible deal decisions, to build resilient portfolios, and deliver strong performance and high returns.

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Results Hub

Ensure measurable and sustainable results with alignment across all aspects of the business, driving impactful data-led decision making.

How we help our operating partners work across your deal cycle

Our team

St. John Cameron

Managing Partner Asia & UK

My passion is at the core of Proudfoot’s DNA: Over 30 years helping our clients’ people identify and recover lost time and to drive value creation across all aspects of their business. I am a strong believer in the future of Asia as a key component of our Client global footprints.

Michael Kirstein

Managing Partner Global Private Equity and Automotive

My driver is value creation. I am excited about the creation of cash, cost, and growth opportunities for PE leaders and portfolio companies.

Edward Cory


For any strategy, the money is made or lost in the operational design and execution.

Tony Planos


I believe in combining strategic planning and operational strategy with leadership development. My approach is fact-based problem solving, and compelling presentation skills to drive organizational change and capture the full profit potential of products and services.

Our clients

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Featured Proofpoint

Read how we achieve an increase in enterprise value in the region of 15-30 times our fees.
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Private Equity - Expertise
When a leading private equity firm invested in one of the nation’s largest ophthalmology providers, they found that while clinical growth rates were solid, year-over-year labor costs were outstripping that growth.
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Private Equity - Proofpoint
Global leader in super-yachts with strong reputation for quality and customisation, showing reduced growth through long lead-times and suffering from reducing margins and loss of agility.
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Private Equity - Case Study 2

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