Transportation and Logistics Case Study

What if you could reduce hangar time per plane by 30 minutes?

THE COO OF A WELL-KNOWN international airline knew changes were needed to support an aggressive growth plan. Maintenance was the prime area of concern. The goal was to integrate operations for two different types of company aircraft. Doing so would not only improve the quality of work, but also lower costs.

The heads of each maintenance organization were naturally worried about what the imminent changes would mean to them. The COO called in Proudfoot to assess the challenges and implement solutions.

An organization and operations review was conducted to bring the leaders of each maintenance organization together.

Both leaders were engaged in the future state operating model design – including processes, management operating systems, people skills, behaviors, and the organization structure. The collaborative approach provided the platform needed for them to collectively contribute.


Posted on March 5, 2020

By Proudfoot Team

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