75 Years of Proudfoot

Proudfoot 75 Years Anniversary | Global Management Consulting


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Short Interval Control

Alexander Proudfoot developed Short Interval Control to ensure all of the operational details were taken care of. From his time in the military and his love for philosophers, he understood, first-hand the importance of taking care of the little things. Pay attention to the details and the results will follow.


Management Operating System

In operational consulting today, it’s unlikely to go a day without hearing about Management Operating Systems (MOS), but did you know that Alexander Proudfoot invented the concept of the MOS 75 years ago! A term that is so widely used across the industry now actually originated with Proudfoot – and we’ve been enhancing it ever since.

Global Operations Consultancy: Proudfoot's 75th Anniversary

Timeline History

Celebrating our 75th Anniversary! We invite you to take a quick trip down memory lane with us as we celebrate how far we’ve come, from our humble beginnings in Chicago in 1946 to today, a globally recognized and award-winning firm.

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