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Nothing could be considered more essential to the human story than transportation. It has shaped the world as we know it, driven our cities forward, and embodied the spirit of innovation more than any other industry in the last 200 years. But at Proudfoot, we think the best is yet to come.

We see a very exciting path laid out in front of bus, rail, and air transit agencies. There’s tremendous untapped potential still to be realized through digitization, improving employee retention, capturing and centralizing institutional knowledge, and solving the people challenge of maintenance.

In our experience, to get the full benefits of any improvement initiative it’s crucial to engage your people in a way that not only enables them to embrace change, but helps them feel invested in the outcome so they lead the change themselves. Only this ensures your hard-won results will be sustained.

I’d like to share more about how this different approach accelerates and solidifies operational improvement for transit organizations.

future of transportation

Case Studies: Whether we’re getting our hands dirty working with mechanics in the garage or building consensus with government stakeholders in city hall, we go all in to drive real results for our clients. Explore our recent work leading enterprise-wide change for some of the world’s largest and most complex organizations in these case studies.

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future of transportation

Dennis Santare

Managing Director, Industrials & MRO, Americas

As Managing Director of Industrials and MRO, Dennis brings over twenty years of experience in operational excellence, maintenance leadership, and asset support to the practice. He has served as a military aircraft operator and maintenance officer and spent nearly a decade leading sales and strategy teams as an executive for top-tier MRO companies. Dennis has an MBA from The Wharton School and has worked in Australia, ASEAN, Japan, Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America.

future of transportation

A message from CEO, Pamela Hackett