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Manage to Engage: Book Reviews from the Audience

Nominated for Book of the Year by The Magic Pen.

We are humbled and honored to announce The Magic Pen’s nomination of Manage To Engage for Book of the year.  Read the review article about the book.


Goodreads reviews

The American social book catalog website has weighed in on Manage To Engage as a literary resource guide for engaging a post-pandemic, corporate landscape.  ‘Manage to Engage: How Great Managers Create Remarkable Results is  a sort of appropriately cavalier, cool confidence that is at once compelling and simultaneously blunt in the best of ways.’ – See what Goodreads had to say here


Colin Jordan reviews

The book both highlights tips of the trade in this department, but also goes for the bigger picture — waxing intellectually as much on tactics as it does on mindset.” – Read more what Colin had to say here


Garth Thomas reviews

“To say Pamela Hackett knows of what she speaks would be a massive understatement. It’s relaxed, a bit humorous, and lacks any sort of pretension, high-handedness, or otherwise indicative red flags that sadly populate the majority of the ‘business advice’ sub-category of the nonfiction and leadership literary genres.” – Read more what Garth had to say here

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