Stakeholder Engagement: Mining Journal Podcasts

Stakeholder engagement: mining journal podcasts by Proudfoot

The Leadership Model is Local

Barriers to increasing local content may be broken down in a post-COVID world, a conversation with Jon Wiley, Proudfoot President. Learn more here or listen the podcast below.

People and People Engagement in Stakeholder Management

Pamela Hackett, Proudfoot CEO on the role of people and leadership in delivering transformation through stakeholder engagement. Learn more here or listen the podcast below.

Managing change successfully has never been more critical

Mechanistic improvements are almost worthless if miners are unable to improve the people-centric processes and engagement on which technical innovations rely, according to Proudfoot managing director of natural resources (EMEAA), Neil Maslen. Learn more here or listen the podcast below.

You’re really starting to the need for effective local leaders

The restrictions to travel imposed by COVID-19 and the likely change in regular travel practices assumed as a result have opened up a vacuum in leadership at mining operations in upper peninsula and other places that can potentially be filled locally, according to senior members of the Proudfoot natural resources team. Learn more here or listen the podcast below.

Posted on November 16, 2020

By Proudfoot Team

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