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Value realization

Proudfoot has nearly eight decades of delivering proven results and maintains a reputation for  rapid, disciplined, and agile execution of projects which deliver consistent and sustained value realization around the globe.

What if you could guarantee your major change projects were delivered rapidly, in a agile and disciplined way, so that value is realized and sustained ?

We recognize that major change projects can be a timely and expensive undertaking. You want to get them completed as quickly as possible, but you also need to ensure that the change sticks and remains in place, long after the project concludes. We understand this, so we bring a unique approach to value realization.

Proudfoot's unique approach

In order to deliver these measurable and sustainable results, we have four enablers built in to all our programs.

1. The Proudfoot Program Methodology: this embeds change from the start through Aerial Mapping in the Analysis phase, which identifies and then executes process changes and management tool changes. It also interfaces across the entire business with employees, internal and external customers, internal and external suppliers, and technology.

2. Co-Venture: this is all about working closely together with you, engaging and motivating all the right people (all the stakeholders) to pave the way for change that sticks.

3. The Proudfoot People & Culture Program: this delivers employee activities that trigger transformation, including change leadership to inspire the vision, and ultimately drive the changes in behavior that are required. We ensure sustainability by transferring critical change management skills and capabilities to your teams.

4. ResultsHub: we stand up a ResultsHub from the outset to manage the body of work. This includes agile project management, governance, change team formation, results commitments, and tracking.

Proudfoot ResultsHub:
ResultsHub is how we keep operational and project performance on schedule, on budget, and delivering results. Major projects have multiple stakeholders and many moving parts. They also often need to be managed while doing the day job. A traditional Project Management Office can no longer engage the many teams, technologies, and activities involved in a large project.

Key focus areas for ResultsHub

Increasing visibility of the project’s progress and results, as this builds both internal and external trust in leadership, the project team, and the approach.

Providing well-executed project governance, as it leads to an improvement in project quality and performance.

Ensuring there is only one single source of the truth as data is captured and shared through one source and one platform.

Allowing various filter options, to allow you to view data on a consolidated level.

Giving you control to determine who sees what, through access control.

Providing dashboards and reporting that are highly customizable, through Power BI.

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