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What if you could get a rapid insight into the scale of change potential in your organization ?

What if you could get a rapid insight ...

…into the scale of potential change in your organization with a clear and compelling value case that gains top team alignment as an effective launch to executing your strategy?

Most organizations struggle with the speed of change – it takes too long! Consequently, opportunities are lost, competitors get there first, benefits are delayed, employees become frustrated, and the slow tempo becomes part of the cultural fabric of the company. Conversely, with a robust value case, others move with speed and agility fostering a bias for action and energizing employees. 

Proudfoot's unique approach

Our approach enables you to design and build the right workplace culture for maximizing organizational results, increasing employee engagement and winning workforce commitment towards the work, mission, and vision of your company. Our approach to change supports improving your employee relations, helping you to facilitate a positive work environment with healthier relationships that enable your company to grow and retain your best talent in service of achieving your operational outcomes.

A rapid analytics initiative launches with aspirational alignment at an executive level followed by four focused sprints: 

1. Aspire: Stakeholder engagement and alignment occurs up front to agree a well-constructed problem statement, an outline value case hypothesis, and commitment to communication, direction and support to ensure the wider organization is aware of the effort, its urgency, and the strategic importance of the change.

2. Assess: The findings from the operational, organizational and data analytics are brought together in an enterprise aerial map, a methodology to integrate and correlate the disparate opportunities and factual data that has been collected.

3. Address: We facilitate teams in developing holistic solutions that encompass all aspects of the future operating model including organization, processes, goals, metrics, work standards and expectations, management practices, policies, decision making, and behavioral models. Together, these solutions are the basis for the blueprint for change, a comprehensive plan for implementing the operating model improvements.

4. Achieve: Disciplined execution of the blueprint for change, developing change Leaders capable of successfully implementing sustained performance improvement.  Implementation typically starts with a pilot or proof of concept to demonstrate the impact of change and generate forward momentum.

Key deliverables of a Proudfoot Analytics Phase

Safe Productive Operations

Operational alignment to business strategy

Safe Productive Operations

Process simplification & optimization

Safe Productive Operations

Organization of resources for flexibility & right-sizing

Safe Productive Operations

Alignment with existing initiatives and future strategic plans

Safe Productive Operations

Effective performance management & decision-making

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