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Results score card live January 2021

At Proudfoot, we care about the results we deliver to our clients so much so that we guarantee your success against our fees. Business Value Creation, Achieved.

One of the things that attracted me to Proudfoot in my early days was the transparency with our clients measuring everything we do. We’ve led the way in measuring our value since we opened our doors in 1946. Today we have several measures that span the dashboard from culture to cash.

We release our aggregate Client Audited Results monthly to the greater business community. These results show how we are delivering against our commitments and ultimately, our fees so we can track our client’s return on investment.


Pamela Hackett

Proudfoot CEO

We are obsessed with results and making sure our clients can measure us against our commitments, not just after our assignments, but frequently. Each week, our joint client and Proudfoot management teams review the progress of a project and its tangible impact. We have an evaluation methodology that allows us to track operational performance right through to our client’s P&L.

Our real-time results tracker compiles our current audited client results globally to make our results completely transparent in real-time.

Whether you are a management team wanting to bring about profound, lasting change through people, or a PE firm looking for that change to be quantified, we demonstrate real results rapidly for all our clients.

Because we track our benefits in such detail, we guarantee you will achieve at least a one-to-one return on your investment. But almost without exception, it will be far higher.

Results score card

Live January 2021
Return on investment for projects
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Rolling 12 Month Average
During the global lockdown, we continue working along side our clients and delivering measurable results.

A robust measurement methodology

For more than seven decades, Proudfoot has been measuring and tracking the delivery of the benefits we deliver to our clients. All of our transformational programs provide operational improvement, positive cultural change and improved financial results. Within the first 2-3 weeks of an engagement, our Analytics team works with you to determine your vision for change and align your teams with that vision. Within five weeks of program launch, we finalise the evaluation methodology and start tracking results. Results are first tracked operationally and then through to your P&L.

Real results. Real trackable benefits.

Commitments achieved or over-achieved

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Return on investment within first year

Engagements that reach breakeven in year one

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Clients who pursue multiple engagements

Succesful projects delivered


Assessments completed

We are so confident of our results, we post them monthly.

We thought all consultants did the same

We were wrong, and now we know why. According to the Financial Times, fewer than 38 per cent of management consulting projects deliver results above fees. By contrast, over 91 per cent of Proudfoot’s clients reach at least break-even within one year of completion, many during the life of the engagement. Not projected or potential benefits but real, measured financial results with benefits acknowledged and agreed to by our clients.

What makes Proudfoot different? Why do our clients reap tangible benefits rapidly?

Many consulting firms tell you what you need to do to improve operations— however, very few partner with you at the point of implementation. The difference with Proudfoot is that we work with you and your leadership team, and we pay attention to your people at the front lines — supervisors, engineers, foremen, sales reps — where the work gets done.

This top-to-bottom engagement generates results, quickly and sustainably

Proudfoot engages your people to identify challenges and things needed to achieve your goals. During our Analytics phase, we detail areas of improvement within weeks, not months. With you, we co-draft your business case and project rationale for bottom-line results. The team builds this joint approach for prototyping solutions and rapid implementation. It directly addresses critical behavioural changes and supporting management systems. Your people own the case, the roadmap and the transformation, and this approach focuses your team on the real prize: results.

What if you could...

Increase productivity
by 23%?

Reduce your overall
costs by 16%?

Increase your sales forecast
accuracy by 40%?

...with Proudfoot, you can!

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