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People Make the Difference

proudfoot story

Proudfoot works with leaders and their teams at all levels, in mid- and large-cap organizations, to solve the people challenge in the design and implementation of operational and digital transformation. By doing so, we mitigate the risk associated with transformation and realize the benefits.

We get involved with people. We help people understand and gain alignment to their aspirations and the scope of their challenge. We roll up our sleeves and put on our safety boots (literally), to help implement transformation. And we help make it stick… until the organization needs to change again.

Importantly, we focus on developing and building the capability of our client’s people, so they can do it themselves, next time. In short, we help people change the way they work to transform their business for the better. We help them realize tomorrow’s results, today.

"Realizing Tomorrow's Results, Today."

Our Story Began in 1946

Founder Alexander “Alec” Proudfoot envisioned a better way to help companies achieve operational goals. His philosophy of developing human traits that contribute to a company’s success stands the test of time and continues to be the driving force behind our business.

We are proud of our reputation as the leading operations consulting firm and a client base comprising world-class, Fortune 500 companies that trust their transformations to Proudfoot.

With a Proudfoot story of over 70 years of client success to call upon and our combination of global reach and agile expert resources, Proudfoot is ever-focused on achieving sustainable improvement and client results through our core capability: People Solutions™.

Today, Proudfoot is integrating new approaches and our unique know-how in operations transformation to provide innovative insights, proven solutions and lasting positive change for our clients.

proudfoot story

What if you could...

Bring ypur billion-dollar capital project back on schedule?

Reclaim 200 hangar days a year to sell to other airlines?

Realize the expected return on your investment in IT?

...with Proudfoot, you can!

What we Do

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Creating Operational Value

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Delivering Profitable Growth

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Building Transformational Capability

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Establishing a Changecapable Workforce

proudfoot story

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