Proudfoot CEO Pamela Hackett on managing to engage

Proudfoot CEO Pam Hackett on How to Manage to Engage

For 35 years, the Proudfoot CEO, Pamela Hackett has successfully advised, led and supported some of the world’s leading brands through business transformation. In her new book, Manage to Engage, she introduces practical tools for leaders at every level to better engage people in a post-pandemic world and to drive positive transformational change.

“Employee engagement should always be high on the agenda, but especially in the current environment,” she says shortly after launching her latest book. “Even before Covid-19, the world was experiencing a people crisis. Surveys across the globe reported an overwhelming majority of people weren’t engaged at work.”

This lack of engagement comes with a hefty price tag, with several studies pegging the cost at “hundreds of billions of dollars” each year. “And the losses aren’t only financial – they’re emotional as well. Engagement is something you take home with you, so it stands to reason it extends into the broader community and society.”

The good news according to Hackett, who has been with the operations consulting firm for three decades, is that improving engagement leads to improving productivity – “and this has tangible, measurable benefits at the economic and enterprise level. In my experience, engagement and productivity go hand-in-hand.”

How then can business leaders improve their engagement? Find out more through Proudfoot CEO interview with here.

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Proudfoot CEO Pam Hackett on How to Manage to Engage

Posted on April 21, 2021

By Proudfoot Team

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