Step Up – ‘Working-While-A-Woman’ – shoestring budgets, superheroes, success, and executive tables


Step Up is an unscripted conversation between Pamela Hackett, CEO of Proudfoot and Lorena Schoenfeld, Chief of Staff and COO of Proudfoot about ‘working while women’.

Pamela and Lorena, two senior executives with a 20-year gap between them; both working in the male-dominated Management Consulting industry, sit down to an open dialogue about their individual, personal and shared experiences in business, what they have learned, overcome, and are currently experiencing at work.

Step Up is for women at work, women in leadership, women on their way to take up leadership roles and next gen-leaders, and their male counterparts who have an interest in stepping up, lifting one another up, and thriving in the new reality.

In this episode, Pamela and Lorena answer 10 questions, shaping the conversation around how to create value on a shoestring budget and how it applies to women in leadership, the worst mistakes a woman in leadership can make, the different yet converging definitions of success, what makes a superhero, how to ‘get in the room and the executive table’ and so much more.

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Live on September 29, 2021

By Proudfoot Team

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