Step Up: 2 Women. 2 Decades. 2 Roles. And 2 perspectives on Women in Leadership


Step Up is an unscripted conversation between Pamela Hackett, CEO of Proudfoot and Lorena Schoenfeld, Chief of Staff and COO of Proudfoot – the world’s leading operational transformation consulting company providing bottom-line impact to businesses across the globe.  Pamela and Lorena, two senior executives with a 20-year gap between them; both working in a male-dominated industry, sit down to open dialogue about their individual, personal and shared experiences of women in leadership, what they have learned, overcome, and are currently experiencing in the world of work today.  Step Up is for women in leadership at all levels, and their up-and-coming male counterparts, who have an interest in thriving in the new reality.

In this first episode, Pam and Lorena share what has helped them on their career journey.  They share 7 learnings, including volunteerism, commitment, finding a personal board, loyalty, courage, being ok with failure, and giving your all.  They leave us with a clear key to success: ‘Whatever You Do, Agree or Disagree but Commit.’

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Live on August 6, 2021

By Proudfoot Team

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