3 Things 4 Next Time: A conversation between Pamela Hackett, Proudfoot CEO, and Jackson Morais, Proudfoot Engagement Manager about Running Projects During Pandemic


Jackson Morais, Proudfoot Engagement Manager, speaks with Proudfoot’s CEO, Pamela Hackett about his personal experience of running projects for clients in the Agribusiness industry in Brazil during the pandemic.

They reflect on what could have been done differently, from a client perspective and as a leader on the ground.

While sharing some of his first-hand examples, some of Jackson’s major take-aways for ‘next time’ include the importance of navigating stress and people’s emotions – client and internal team – reinforcing safety regardless of personal or political views, and finding ways to speak about uncomfortable topics.

One of his biggest learnings from working with clients day-to-day implementing real sustainable change is the power of human connection to achieve remarkable personal and business results.

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Live on July 26, 2021

By Proudfoot Team

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