Next-Gen Leadership

Next generation leadership

Meet the next generation responsible for growing Proudfoot’s business. Committed to designing, implementing and accelerating operational and people transformation.

Reza Ram

Engagement Manager

Reza is a hands-on, people-focused consultant with a strong background in engineering, project management and transformation leadership. He brings to clients a wealth of experience in raising productivity through structured yet agile management of change in operations and systems.

Julia Malasaga

Solution Design and Delivery

Operations leader with over 20 years of experience in operations and program management. Areas of focus include lean optimization, agile project management, process improvement, revenue enhancement and software implementation management in multiple industries including technology, healthcare, food and beverage and manufacturing.

Stefan van Rooyen

Engagement Manager, Natural Resources

Stefan is a people person who believes in client empathy. He uses his experience and integrity to deliver sustainable solutions to clients while building lasting business relationships.

Sebastien Raillon

Engagement Manager

Sebastien is interested in supporting clients to create and accelerate their transformation programs. He is passionate about training and coaching the client transformation team to use Proudfoot methodology.

Andrew Xu

Engagement Manager

Andrew joined Proudfoot in 2014. He is an adventurous person who loves facing different challenges, traveling different places, and meeting people from different cultures or backgrounds. Helping companies solve their problems provides a strong sense of accomplishment for Andrew.

Jackson Morais

Engagement Manager, Natural Resources

Jackson has deep knowledge in assisting leadership on sustainable organizational and behavioral change initiatives through Proudfoot methodology. With strong people skills, he gained considerable experience in Transformation Programs as an Engagement Manager in multicultural businesses.

Reasons to join Proudfoot

What if you could find a role that is more than just a job. One in which you can make a difference every day to the teams and companies you work with? With Proudfoot, you can.

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