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Managing Supply Chain during crisis

As companies weather the storm that the pandemic has caused for supply chains globally, Proudfoot is here to support business leaders and strengthen their future position. 

Introduction: Hidden value in supply chains

As companies weather the storm of the COVID-19 pandemic and the many disruptions it has caused for supply chains around the world, there are several questions that business leaders are now hurrying to answer:

  • “How do we quickly repatriate our supply chain to continue to serve our customers?”
  • “How can we release and retain cash through our localization strategies?”
  • “How do we create a plan that mitigates current and future risk?”

In our experience, most leaders are fast to take measures to tackle the weakness exposed by a crisis and to strengthen their position for the future. Yet, we find that there are still hidden cost and cash savings potential within supply chains.

Proudfoot supports industry leaders enduring difficult times through a proven value creation methodology that looks at the end-to-end supply chain, starting with a procurement maturity assessment and evaluating sourcing solutions.

As well as our proven methodologies, by leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI), we empower your procurement team to rapidly source and evaluate thousands of new suppliers, reduce the cost of your procurement spend, and release cash. By focusing on strengthening your procurement strategy, you can begin the journey to bolstering the next step of improvement in your end-to-end supply chain.

Beginning with procurement is the key to rapidly releasing cash, protecting value, reducing cost, and building resilience and recovering quickly.

We are so confident in the success and speed of your transformation, we assure that by partnering with you and your teams, will deliver what we promise. Therefore, we will guarantee your results against our fees. This Return-on-Proudfoot (ROP) will always be at least 1:1.

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