Ted Binkoski

Executive Vice President, Support Services
What drives me is enhancing teamwork at a client’s organisation, through people-based solutions.

For over three decades, Ted has led Proudfoot projects to transform large-scale business operations. He has an excellent track record in improving clients’ revenue growth, performance, and profitability. His multi-industry experience spans the globe, including clients based in Australia, New Zealand, Spain, France, United Kingdom, and Mexico.

Ted led a major turnaround for an Aerospace Company in Chapter 11, dramatically improving their quality, schedule attainment and productivity results. He improved top-line growth in the business-to-business division of a leading Paper Products Company, redesigning sales processes, improving management, and providing on-site coaching at every level of seniority. He led multiple engagements with a major North American Oil and Gas company to improve cost management and schedule adherence. As with all Proudfoot projects, his work focused on improvements through people-based solutions, enhancing teamwork among the engineering, operations and contractor groups.

Ted holds a BBA from West Virginia University.

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