Julia Malasaga

Executive Vice President Solution Design and Delivery
I am driven by helping clients run their organisations more efficiently.

Julia has more than two decades of business experience, including ten years in Technical Services and Business Development in the Chemicals industry. At Proudfoot, Julia is responsible for solution design, client relationship management and leadership alignment.

Her diverse range of clients consistently see measurable operational improvements and sustainable project results, such as streamlining a Software Development Company’s Quote-to-Order process to reduce cycle times by 20 per cent; helping a global Protections Solutions company integrate ordering, invoicing, and delivery systems across over 100 intercompany relationships, gaining back six months in lost time; and reengineering processes and reducing costs for leading companies in the manufacturing sector. Across all her projects, Julia emphases improvements related to people’s behaviour and decisions in the workplace.

Julia holds an MBA, as well as a BSc in Chemistry.

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